Our mission is to deliver the very best multicultural talent in answer to our clients’ resourcing needs, and to help our diverse pool of professionals effectively and dynamically apply their skills to today’s job market.
We deliver on this mission by taking a detail-oriented, personal approach — the kind of approach that only a boutique firm can. We handpick candidates and help them to manifest their full potential as professionals, while also customizing the right fit for them at the right company. This approach forges the kind of long-term relationships that add value for years to come for all involved.

An executive search isn’t just a simple matter of getting top-tier professionals- it’s also about creating an overall structure and balance at a company through a choice that benefits the organization as a whole. Each addition to a team is an essential part of the entire mechanism— it’s important to understand not only the individual’s value, but the company’s long-term, overarching needs in hiring that person. MFC has the necessary tools to help your organization supplement your existing team with the kind of professionals who will add value to your company for years to come.

Whether you are looking to recruit a new professional or hoping to find a new position yourself,MFC offers the kind of customized, mission-focused approach that can help you achieve your goals and move toward a productive future.